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Promoting understanding and intellectual exchange between the peoples of the Kingdom of Morocco and of the United States of America.


The ALC-ALIF Bookstore is located at the American Language Center in the heart of the Ville Nouvelle in Fes. It is the only English-language bookstore in Fes, and with more than 6,000 titles, one of the largest English-language bookstores in Morocco.

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The ALC and ALIF Library offers students and community members a large, comfortable space for browsing, reading, studying, or relaxing. Located next to Z Café, library patrons can also get a coffee or tea before coming in to browse the library collection of over 4,000 volumes.

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Student Voice

The ALC-ALIF Student Voice is a student publication, produced by the ӣƵ and ALIF student body. The Student Voice allows students a chance to let their voices be heard, to entertain, to provoke conversations and debates, and to have their literary works and opinion pieces published.

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Community Service

The Community Service Club at ӣƵ/ALIF is the local branch of an ACA-wide organization. Moroccan and foreign students participate together in projects to benefit the local community, ranging from weekly tutoring sessions to one-time school repairs and community clean ups. There is a strong emphasis on sustainability and service learning.

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