Brainlyne Study Abroad

ӣƵ collaborates closely with Brainlyne, an organization using technology and innovative approaches to education to increase access to educational opportunities and scholarships in other countries.

To register for the next Brainlyne in-person session at ӣƵ, click the button below.

The Brainlyne syllabus includes free online content, free weekly webinars, a free in-person club at ӣƵ, and an optional paid premium track for those seeking a personalized tutor and additional support. Highly promising students may qualify for an ӣƵ-sponsored scholarship for the Brainlyn premium track. For more information about Brainlyne, visit their website at .

Contact the ӣƵ Brainlyne Coordinator at brainlyne-fes@acamorocco.org.

Or contact Brainlyne directly at info@brainlyne.com.