The ALC and ALIF Library offers students and community members a large, comfortable space for browsing, reading, studying, or relaxing. Located next to Z Café, library patrons can also get a coffee or tea before coming in to browse the library collection of over 4,000 volumes.

The newly-renovated library is an open, welcoming space for reading, studying, book talks and casual exchanges. The collection is mostly in English and Arabic with the aim of providing students, teachers, and community members access to materials not otherwise available in the area. Resources include books for learning Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, and English. The library also has an extensive collection of Non-Fiction Arab, Moroccan, and American studies volumes. Additionally the library holds collections on Arabic Literature and Arab world authors, art books, classic English literature, drama, poetry, and literary criticism, and a curated collection of Islamic Studies research materials.

Library patrons can also browse our collections via: . The collection is cataloged with book covers, reviews and information relevant to the books.

Access to the library is free. To become a member and check out books, there is a 300DH reimbursable deposit required. Library membership also gives patrons access to the digital collection and DVDs.

Library Hours and Contact Info:

Monday to Saturday

10am to 7pm

RAMADAN HOURS: 10am to 4pm

For more information, feel free to contact Khalid Essite


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