The ALC-ALIF Bookstore is located at the American Language Center (ALC) in the heart of the Ville Nouvelle in Fes. It is the only English-language bookstore in Fes, and with more than 6,000 titles, one of the largest English-language bookstores in Morocco.

The bookstore serves as a community service outlet with a mission of providing the Fes and surrounding communities with quality books in English at affordable prices. The ALC-ALIF bookstore has an incredible selection of titles for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

The bookstore is located on the main campus of ALC in a separate building with the library.

Reading is essential and the ALC-ALIF Bookstore provides a variety of children’s books to get the younger generation hooked on the thrill of reading that can last forever. We also help many university students access books on different topics. It’s our purpose to bring them and their research needs together. For ALIF students, we stock many academic books on Morocco and the Arab World, Islamic studies, Women studies, Middle Eastern studies, and North African studies.

Other collections include an array of fiction including: action and adventure, classics, crime, drama, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, poetry and short stories. The Bookstore also carries many titles on self-development, business and economics, crafts and hobbies, philosophy, politics, and religion. We have cookbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and travel guides.

In addition, the bookstore stocks all books needed for our English and Arabic courses. If you are a student at ALC or ALIF, this is where you purchase your coursebooks and any other reading or reference materials you may need. It has various titles on language teaching methodology and textbooks of English for specific purposes, the ALC-ALIF bookstore is the main source for scholars and teachers in Fes.

The ALC-ALIF Bookstore accepts all credit cards, cash, and personal checks.


Opening hours: Monday-Saturday
9am - 7pm

RAMADAN HOURS: 10am to 4pm

For more information, feel free to contact our friendly Bookstore staff:
Kaoutar Bakhchane (Bookstore manager), Omar Bendahou (Bookstore staff), and Othman Moufid (Bookstore staff) at:

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